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October 09 2013


Tampa' Best Rent to Own Gets U. S. Trade Mark

The United States rent to own Patent and Trademark Office has released the Trade-mark "The Well-known Rent to Own on-steroids Program," to some Florida real estate broker-investor, his business, Advanced Realty Group, Inc., announced today.

"We started getting horrible aggressive when the market flattened and experimented with lots of approaches to let homes faster and for a lot more cash when the market fall shut real-estate revenue down," said George Beardsley, agent-president of the Dunedin, Fl-based real estate real-estate brokerage boutique.

Because the program developed, it was created to allow it to be possible for individuals who had lost a house or otherwise didn't qualify for traditional funding as well as for people who did not have a big amount of money, a spokesman said.

"Most rent to own programs provide the tenant-buyer a couple of hundred bucks credit toward the buy for every month of the hire period," Beardsley said. "We said what if all of us offered them all the rent as deposit? If we really can sell that quickly it is going to save mortgage interest while we await a buyer and we might not need to cover another property agent when it speeds up the procedure," Beardsley said.
Even with the super credit, the problem remained in the present industry a year will probably not be sufficient time for the tenant - buyer to clean-up his credit and allow obtaining a normal mortgage, the spokesman said.

"So we mentioned, let's take the houses we are getting in bad situation and grant a private mortgage if the purchaser can take your house in present "as is" state and keep it to get a year like they currently own it and make 12 straight monthly payments on time." Beardsley said.

"What we wound-up with was just as much like your normal rent-to own or lease option since the Wright Brother's air plane was into a modern aircraft," the spokesperson said. "Somewhere along the way, perhaps after studying the sports page someone said this may be the rent to own on-steroids," Beardsley said.
"The term renowned just seemed to match and we requested the Trade-mark," Beardsley stated.

"Obviously, there are more rent to own particulars and for almost any landlord or prospective home seller who is interested, George is ready to describe how we have developed this and he's also written a book in the Well-known Rent to Own on Steroids Program(TMark) which is available from Superior, said the spokesperson.

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